The Other Guys Premiere Went Well

As promised, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg appeared at the closest movie theatre to an airport in the St. Louis area, signed some stuff, talked to some people and local media and answered a few questions…just until the helicopter dropped down to airlift them the hell out of the giant strip-mall in a flood plain we call Chesterfield.

We have a few pictures courtesy of Getty Images, which really didn’t need to be said because they still have their watermark on them. Guess what though? Images are really expensive and apparently you can only rent them now for three months at a time. Freaking ridiculous. If we were going to spend that much money on something it sure the hell wouldn’t be for photos of Mark Wahlberg, plus the memories of crying until getting up the courage to actually take my shirt off right when our time runs out will last forever.

Did anyone see the movie last night? Was our guess summary (bottom of post) on the money?

More images after the jump…

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St. Louis Wins “Other Guys” Premiere

Well kinda. It’s more like the real first pitch that goes to a celebrity at a ballgame and then the 14 other “first pitches” that they give out to retarded children. Guess which one St. Louis is in that metaphor? The buddy-cop comedy is set in New York, so the Big Apple gets the first bite, on Aug. 4. But the next day, Will and Mark will jet to St. [Read More]