Substitute Teachers are the Best!

Was there ever a greater school day joy in a young child’s life greater than when you walked in to class to find a substitute teacher? Sure it didn’t always turn out great. You got your fair share of “Maybe if I’m really hard on the kids they’ll make me in to a real teacher!” subs, but most of the time you got some guy that just wanted you to be quiet and watch this barely educational move while he leaned back is his borrowed chair and think what’s he going to do with that tiny tiny pay check he was going to get…and then there’s the substitues that bring tasers to school. [Read More]

12 Year-Old Tased in South County Victoria’s Secret

A police officer tased a 12 year-old girl in the South County Mall’s Victoria’s Secret after coming in to arrest her mom for multiple unpaid traffic tickets. [Charlene Bratton] had just tried on some shorts and was about to buy them when she says a St. Louis County officer came looking for her. Bratton had warrants, she says, for numerous unresolved traffic tickets. “He said, put your hands behind your back. [Read More]

St. Louis County Cops Get Tasers, Still Just Cheaper to Shoot You

By the start of May, every single County cops will be rocking a Taser. Get ready for a whole lot of great “Don’t Tase Me Bro” videos from the Lou! A federal grant allowed the Police Department to buy an additional 300 of the devices, which deploy electrically charged barbs that temporarily paralyze a person. In all, about 600 officers will be equipped with the $1,000 Tasers. Holy crap dude. [Read More]
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