St. Louis County Cops Get Tasers, Still Just Cheaper to Shoot You

By the start of May, every single County cops will be rocking a Taser. Get ready for a whole lot of great “Don’t Tase Me Bro” videos from the Lou!

A federal grant allowed the Police Department to buy an additional 300 of the devices, which deploy electrically charged barbs that temporarily paralyze a person. In all, about 600 officers will be equipped with the $1,000 Tasers.

Holy crap dude. $1000 dollars for a Taser?!  Freaking guns are half that.

There is also a new rule that any time an officer tases anyone, they must call for an ambulance. Every time.

“If we Tase someone, the safe thing to do is always have a medical evaluation, because we don’t know what they’ve done before we Tased them,”

True, things like drug use, or…um…being Mexican while not in the back of a pickup truck can be dangerous and when you are tased in those situations it best to get checked out before they pick you up and just beat you with their fists. …which are still free.

via STLToday

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