We Help the Rams Pick Next Season’s Slogan

The other day while driving though the city, dodging the commercials on the radio we caught a tidbit on 101 ESPN about the Rams. According to Brian Stull, the Rams coach Steve Spangnolo has created the new 2010-2011 season team motto! No one knows what it is yet, and “Stully” can’t wait to find out if it’s better than last year’s: “53 as 1”

If this is the news Stully is waiting for this Rams offseason, we don’t have a lot of faith in the new season. Its pretty clear to us that Coach Spags should be spending his time, well coaching! Creating little gimmicky saying that really don’t mean shit is more our line of work, and if “53 as 1” is all Coach could think of last year, its clear this should be someone else’s job. So we’re chipping in a helping Spags with a few suggestions of our own.

St. Louis Rams: Steven Jackson and 52 fans that just got really good seats.

St. Louis Rams: AJ Feeley. That’s it.

St. Louis Rams: Feel Free to Set Your Nachos in the Empty Seat Next to You

St. Louis Rams: Hoosier Free Since that Khan Guy Bought Us

St. Louis Rams: Sam Bradford!!!!!!

St. Louis Rams: Seriously, One of These Drafts Are Going to Work Out.

St. Louis Rams: We Can Only Go Up…or Just Slightly Down

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