St. Louis Radio’s Slow Decline Continues: JC Fired From K-HITS

jc_headshotIf a grouchy guy gets fired in a medium no one really cares about any more, does it make a press release?  Turns out yes.

K-HITS 96, St. Louis’ only radio station playing exclusively classic rock hits from four decades, today announced a major shake-up in its daily programming. Effective immediately, The Showgram, K-HITS morning talk show, will be discontinued and replaced with an all-music format hosted by St. Louis radio veteran Rick Sanborn. Changes are also being made to the station’s late afternoon show. Long-time station personalities Katy Kruze and Carl “the Intern” Middleman have been let go.

Oh no!  What will all those people in doctor’s offices think when they don’t hear the usual background static?

We shot over to Twitter to see what the buzz was about K-HITS fall cleaning, and although the feeling was mostly angry about the move, there were only 15 tweets about it in the last 10 hours, so its not exactly an upheaval.

I wouldn’t worry about ole JC though.

While J. C. Corcoran will not be on the air he remains under contract with Emmis Radio until December 2010.