KSDK’s Art Holliday Flips a Bitch at Work, Gets Sent Home

hollidayartnewHey look at that Jerry Berger finally delivered some actual gossip on his website as opposed to the blatherings of various St. Louis councilmen that no one cares about.  Check out Art Holliday going postal at work!

NEWS IS NEWS: KSDK (Channel 5) anchor/producer Art Holliday is known around the dial for his affable good nature. But (as Congressional candidate Ed Martin might say) , even Atlas has to shrug. Holliday was missing from the station’s downtown studio Thursday, sent out by his bosses to cool down following a newsroom tirade earlier in the week. Holliday was loudly upset after the station aired a story about a memorial service for St. Louis police officer Julius Moore. According to Channel 5’s story, the young officer and father of three was shot and killed. According to every other news outlet (and the Police Department), he died of injuries sustained in an auto accident en route to assist a fellow Third District officer. The columnist commends Holliday for his outrage.

Love it, love it, love it!

We just want to know how in the hell, in a building with that many cameras, no one got this on tape!

We hope that in the midst of his rage, Holliday shouted about those commercials they run that compare the KSDK morning show to the Today Show make no sense…because they don’t.  Oh like you’re fooling everyone channel 5.  Matt Lauer totally hangs out with Art and Jennifer in his free time.  Lauer took 1 5 minute photo op with them, left and threw away his suit because they touched him during on of the photos.