City Workers Throw Away Homeless Guy’s Heart Meds

We all know from our experiences at the post office or DMV that some people can be pretty damn rude, but this is some cold shit right here:

Four or five homeless people have made Interco Park on Tucker near Cole their home for the last few months, but Wednesday night, were told the park was going to be cleaned up and out Thursday.

At 10 a.m. Thursday, a city garbage truck backed up to the tents and employees of the parks department started dismantling tents and dumping bags of personal possessions into the gaping maw of the truck.

Karen Wallensak went to the workers and identified herself, and offered to take control of the possession to return them to their owners. However, Wallensak says the city workers said it was too late, and the possessions were now trash. Among the items in the dump: one homeless man’s heart medication. He was there, but the city crew would not stop to get his drugs.

Seriously?  Wow.

The nerve of that guy to leave his heart medication just lying around a park and then to get all mad when someone throws it away?!  Screw you homeless guy!  Oh did your tent get thrown away?!  Maybe you shouldn’t have made a homeless guy shanty town in the park then!  I hope you don’t cry because the city threw away that big leaf you were using as a tissue, so now you’ll have to use the other big leaf you use as toilet paper.

Go screw homeless people that are only trying to sleep!

Except for the exact opposite.

via KSDK