Stupid Canadian Wanted to Get Shot Down, Instead Lands in Missouri

Stolen PlaneLets say you are a sad Canadian that apparently wants to die.  Oh wait, lets also say you are a freaking moron…and oddly enough, have a pilot’s license.  What’s the suicide move?

Would you have decided to hop in a plane, and try to fly across the US border hoping to get shot down only to have that not happen, and then keep flying until you have to make an emergency landing in Missouri?

A despondant Canadian student pilot who stole a plane in hopes of being shot down when he crossed the U.S. border was sentenced Tuesday in federal court here to two years in prison.

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection plane and two Wisconsin Air National Guard F-16 fighters gave chase after Leon flew over Lake Superior and crossed the U.S. border.

Ignoring radio calls, plane-to-plane hand gestures and warning flares, Leon had wandered south in a 7 1/2-hour pursuit that triggered the evacuation of the Wisconsin Capitol in Madison and prompted alerts in a half-dozen Midwestern cities, including St. Louis.

This plan was flawed from the beginning.  We aren’t going to waste bullets shooting down a plan from Canada!  No way are we worried about that.  Especially in a recession!  We, as a nation, are saving our bullets for important things, like minorities or guys that pop their collar.

I guess this whole thing is really the Canadian government’s fault.  When people in America get sad, then go get a gun from a Wal-Mart or a guy selling them out of his van on the street corner, or just pick them up off the ground next to the last shooting took place and they get the job done quickly.  Good ole American efficiency.  The Canadians clearly need more guns around.  This guy wanted one, but after looking he just decided that “I’ll just steal this plane eh.” which we all know, not only turned out to be stupid, but now the guy is still alive, and also in a Federal “Pound Me in the Ass” prison.  Probably not exactly what he was thinking about I bet when he decided to try and relieve the pain of life and off himself.

via STLToday