Police Confused as to Why Stupid Prisoner Hanged Herself

The Globe Democrat reportsthat a St. Louis Metro Police prisoner decided to end it all while the cops were at lunch or something recently. The 32-year-old woman was taken into custody around 2:00 p.m. Tuesday in the 5400 block of Southwest Avenue for an outstanding bench warrants. She was taken to the south patrol area station where she was being held. Around 3:00 p.m., the victim was found hanging in the holding cell. [Read More]

Stupid Canadian Wanted to Get Shot Down, Instead Lands in Missouri

Lets say you are a sad Canadian that apparently wants to die. Oh wait, lets also say you are a freaking moron…and oddly enough, have a pilot’s license. What’s the suicide move? Would you have decided to hop in a plane, and try to fly across the US border hoping to get shot down only to have that not happen, and then keep flying until you have to make an emergency landing in Missouri? [Read More]