Do Not Stop When You Drive Through St. Louis, You Will Get Robbed

“Oh Punching Kitty! You guys are always so down on St. Louis, but this headline is the worst yet. You know full well that you can stop in St. Louis and you won’t get robbed! This is a huge important city with lots of food trucks, and yes there is crime, but it’s not nearly as bad as you make it out to be! Why don’t you do positive stories about St. [Read More]

Stupid Canadian Wanted to Get Shot Down, Instead Lands in Missouri

Lets say you are a sad Canadian that apparently wants to die. Oh wait, lets also say you are a freaking moron…and oddly enough, have a pilot’s license. What’s the suicide move? Would you have decided to hop in a plane, and try to fly across the US border hoping to get shot down only to have that not happen, and then keep flying until you have to make an emergency landing in Missouri? [Read More]