The Dirty Uncovers One of St. Louis’ Finest Parents

From The Dirty:


THE DIRTY ARMY: My little sister pulled this up for me today, she was at this Halloween party. The fat, orange slob in the middle is Mary L*nk, proud mother of 5 but it has been said she lets her daughter’s homeless felon friends live with her as well. The more shocking part of this picture is her seven year old son in the bottom right corner. My sister mentioned that she lets them have parties so often that if the police come to their house one more time, she will get her children taken away… which may be for the better.

Nothing more fun at a party than bringing down a 7 year, handing him a drink and starting the little tyke off on the road that will no doubt lead to him giving rimjobs for booze money and then killing a fellow homeless man just so he can get an erection.  I’m sure they also hung around and got the kid to cuss and repeat sexual innuendo because there’s no higher form of comedy than that!  …well other than bunny ears. *sigh*  I hate everyone in this photo.

It not like The Dirty to usually be any kind of a moral compass, but when you’re right, you’re right.  Take this broads kids away!

Also, someone tell the girl in the front left that Halloween is when you should get dressed up and look hot.  Borrowing your brother’s referee shirt with that smile of yours makes you look like you just escaped from a special school.