Someone Threw Away a Body in Pacific

dumpster-diveAccording to KSDK:

The Major Case Squad is investigating a body found in an apartment complex trash bin.

The body was found Tuesday afternoon at the Monroe Woods Apartments in Pacific.

You want details?  Well guess what crimestoppers!

Investigators have not said if the body is that of a man or a woman, nor have they commented on how it appears the person died.

The apartment complex is located off Monroe Street, just a few hundred yards from Interstate 44.

Nothing.  Well, at least KSDK managed to kind of look up the address.  There’s some sleuthing for ya!

Here is where the silly blogger is should be putting lots of jokes about a “throw away society” or how we are all very wasteful, throwing away good human’s like that, but we aren’t going to do that.  Those kind of jokes are horrible!  This man or woman (KSDK is fairly certain its a human) had a family dammit!  This person had a mom, and probably siblings and maybe even a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife!  Low brow humor like that makes us sick.

Of course out there, their mom, sibling and significant other were probably all the same person…and they were probably the ones that killed them and tossed their body in the trash in the first place…so it might not be that sad…still a little sad…unless they were trying to make some artistic point about “white trash,” which in that case it’s innovating!