Post Dispatch Now Firing People That Don’t Even Work There

jerry2_2009Word on the street is that now the Post Dispatch is firing people that don’t even work there!  How is this even profitable?!  We hear from the man himself that former PD gossip columnist Jerry Berger was recently banned from visiting his old friends at “Disgruntled Town”, aka the Post Dispatch Office.

From Berger’s new and extremely hard to read site,

BERGER BANNED!: Went to visit my old friends in the newsroom at the P-D – just saying hello, reminiscing, a few smooches and hugs. Three weeks after my innocent visit, I received a letter from the Post banning me from the building! So,. to my old friends there, if you’d like to visit with me while downtown, I’ll be in the second booth from the door at the McDonald’s across the street on Tucker Boulevard. By the way, please bring the stapler I left on my desk… Guess there goes my chance of being Santa at the P-D’s Christmas party. (Awww!)

How could they kick out Jerry?!  This sweet old guy pictured above is his precious little headshot.  You bastards at the PD aren’t satisfied with just firing their writers and high-paid editors, now they are after past employees that can preciously put their head in their hands with one of those “gay as a tangerine” twinkle in their eye?!