Old Timey Gossip Columnist Jerry Berger Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Jerry Berger’s been around for forever, talkin’ that old timey gossip around these parts. Stuff like this… Super Bowl XLVII, the biggest concert gig in the world, will feature **Beyonce **on Feb. 3 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. **Madonna **performed in last year’s halftime show. Huge news! Can’t get that anywhere else but BergersBeat.com! …and… The Shane Co. jewelers is eyeing the old Flotken’s Market space on the north side of Olive Boulevard just east of Warson Road in Olivette. [Read More]

Jerry Berger Still Has That Writer’s Touch

If we pretend for a moment that exiled-Post Dispatch columnist Jerry Berger still writes his own “gossip”, then we could say: Jesus Jerry! Is this really the best way you could “report” on the passing of Deanne Lane, formerly of KSDK’s, husband passing away suddenly? It’s been a great week so far, any way you look at it (provided you weren’t looking at it from Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea or the house of Centene communicator and former television anchor Deanne Lane, who is mourning the sudden death of her husband, consultant and avid golfer Greg Goodrich [Read More]

Post Dispatch Now Firing People That Don’t Even Work There

Word on the street is that now the Post Dispatch is firing people that don’t even work there! How is this even profitable?! We hear from the man himself that former PD gossip columnist Jerry Berger was recently banned from visiting his old friends at “Disgruntled Town”, aka the Post Dispatch Office. From Berger’s new and extremely hard to read site, Bergersbeat.com — BERGER BANNED!: Went to visit my old friends in the newsroom at the P-D – just saying hello, reminiscing, a few smooches and hugs. [Read More]