Old Timey Gossip Columnist Jerry Berger Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Old Timey Gossip Columnist Jerry Berger Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Jerry Berger’s been around for forever, talkin’ that old timey gossip around these parts. Stuff like this…

Super Bowl XLVII, the biggest concert gig in the world, will feature **Beyonce **on Feb. 3 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.  **Madonna **performed in last year’s halftime show.

Huge news! Can’t get that anywhere else but BergersBeat.com! …and…

The Shane Co. jewelers is eyeing the old Flotken’s Market space on the north side of Olive Boulevard just east of Warson Road in Olivette.  . .Brown Smith Wallace is moving to the Brown Shoe building at Hunter at Maryland Avenues in Clayton and sold its building to the St. Louis County Port Authority

What a scoop! It’s cutting edge, universally appealing gossip like that made you too hot for people to handle! …ok, ok. Even in text we can’t keep this up. It’s just too horrible. Who gives a crap?! It’s gross and we wish he’d stop…which is pretty much the same thought someone had on Feburary 22nd, when according to court documents, Jerry encroached on someone’s personal space, drawing two counts of first-degree sexual misconduct.

It would seem that if you’re a fine lookin’ fella, Mr. Berger won’t stop at just molesting your brain with crap like above, he’ll…um…he’ll…well the accuser didn’t specify, but this feels like a crotch grabbing situation.

The charges say Berger, of the 300 block of Magna Carta Drive in Creve Coeur, inappropriately touched another man sometime between 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. on Feb. 22. No address was given for the offense, but Creve Coeur police applied for the charges, which were filed in St. Louis County Circuit Court on Oct. 9.

Yikes. Now of course Berger and his lawyer are denying the charges, blah blah blah…but here’s what’s really messed up about all of this? Here’s a perfect copy and paste of a paragraph from the STLToday story:

Berger, a onetime Hollywood publicist, had been a columnist for the old St. Louis Globe-Democrat, and later the Post-Dispatch. Since his retirement from the newspaper, he has been posting gossip news on his website, known as Berger’s Beat.

You see that bullshit?! Not only did they mention his site, but they freaking gave him a link! A link! You know how many times we’ve been mentioned and got a link on STLToday?! Once. (Thanks Derrick Goold!) Usually it’s “blogger” or  maybe we get our name, but only once have we gotten a link…and this old perv (allegedly…) gets a link!?! Sure he used to work there, but it’s a story about him getting charged with first-degree sexual misconduct!

Who’s a blogger gotta grab around here to get a link and a mention!?

No one seems to have gotten a copy of the mug shot yet (Please send it here if you have it: [email protected]), but we’re looking. It will probably look a lot like the above picture just with different clothes. Jerry seems like he just help by pose.

via STLToday (Notice the link. We totally could have been a dick there, but we’re taking the high road. It’s what we’re known for.)