Woody and Rizzuto Suspended?

Apparently 1**05.7 The Point’**s new-ish morning show “Woody and Rizzuto” have been suspended for the rest of the week because they made jokes about the frontman of the band 360Smile’s suicide.  Well not really, they were really suspended because of the movement to boycott the show.  Here’s some info from their Facebook Group page:

After the death of 360Smile front man Josh Herr, his friends family and fans flooded the phone lines with requests for 360Smile songs….Woody & Rizzuto the morning show douchebags went on live air, calling josh a coward among other things, and refused to play the songs THEIR FANS requested.

Woody & Rizzuto not on IGNORANTLY SPECULATED about Josh’s death, they did so ON AIR. They have NO RESPECT for Josh…or ANY of us who loved him.

Who knows, this may all just be a stunt, but if its not allow me to defend the guys making fun of a man’s suicide.

  1. They aren’t required to play songs from a band just because you like them or because some dude offed himself.  In fact, more than likely, they can’t.  Yup.  They can’t.  Why?  Because it’s radio morons and the songs they play at a certain time were scheduled about 3 weeks ago.

  2. This one is a big one for me.  Just because someone died, it doesn’t mean I have to like them.  Its amazing that most people go around hating everyone, but if someone dies you apparently have to crawl up their ass as pretend you were always a big fan.  You don’t.  Chill.

  3. Is it nice to show disrespect of a man’s death?  No, probably not, but respect is a subjective thing and you don’t have to listen to them.  If this group wants to boycott the show, fine, who cares?  But this current trend of removing people off the air just because 13 people that have nothing better to do are offended is getting a little insane.

  4. Who says suicide can’t be funny?  …what if a clown did it?  Or Chevy Chase?  Yeah…think about that.