Woody and Rizzuto Not Suspended, Just Put in Time Out

wArAh semantics.  A boss tells an employee or two to not come in to work the next day.  What would you call that?  Some would say “suspension” others say…well…”not a suspension”

The later is what 105.7 The Point’s Woody told STLMedia’s Mike Anderson happened on Friday, not a suspension like what we reported.

Now I know this is gonna really bum you out……but we’re not suspended. We’re back on the air Monday. Anyone who’s been listening to the show knows that we’ve been organizing a counter protest, to the protest of Northwest High School by the Westboro Baptist Church (a.k.a. the godhatesfags.com idiots). They were there to protest the diversity programs the school offers as well as to damn the school for hosting a memorial service for Sgt. Brian Wood’s…..a local soldier who died in the line of duty.

Because this counter protest SNOWBALLED due to our promotion, the size and scope of the event worried the Emmis lawyers…..worried that despite our promoting this as a peaceful and non-violent protest that someone would do something stupid, and then we (Rizzuto and I), the station, and Emmis could potentially be on the hook if something went sideways. So after interviewing the director of the Southern Illinois/Missouri Anti-Defamation League, talking to local authorities, and others who had a hand in the planning of this counter protest…..Emmis decided that the best course of action for today (the day of the protest) would be to NOT have us on the air. We did nothing wrong, we’re not in trouble, and we’ll be back on Monday. There you have it. Don’t believe me? Listen Monday and everyone will get the full story.

Whatever.  The fact is that they were told not to come in to work Friday, but clearly the ruckus at the Facebook page wasn’t the issue, it was the interview with the lovely godhatesfags.com people.  So in that regard we were wrong.

Hey look at that!  We correct our mistakes right here on page 1, not on page E56 under the obituaries.  Who’s the stand-up journalist now newspaper guys?!  Huh?  No response?  Oh yeah, we have to wait until tomorrow to hear your response.