Old Guy Gets Fake High School Diploma Because at this Point, Why Not?

So a long time ago this guy quits High School to get a job and then ends up in the military, bravely serving his country in World War II. After that he gets married twice, has no kids, is described as “colorful” and spends his time watching TV all day. All this 70 year old guy really needs is an occasional dusting, but instead he’s being given an honorary High School diploma. [Read More]

Thats What You Get For Having Arkansas Spell Stuff For You

Notice anything particularly stupid about our shiny new ambulances? If you didn’t, you must be from Arkansas, which is the same place they got these from. From Deb Peterson’s blog post: Bill Greenblatt, photographer about town, was on hand when some new ambulances that had been lettered in Arkansas were delivered to the St. Louis Fire Department headquarters downtown. So now they have to get them fixed. Eh, they’ll just take some money from the education budget. [Read More]