Guy Runs From Lambert TSAs, Totally Gets Away With It!

So apparently the best way to get through the security at Lambert Airport without getting scanned or allowing the high-school dropout TSA agent to get to third base is to…wait for it…just run. Somewhere Osama Bin Laden is face-palming right now. The countless hours of research that yielded the “shoe bomb” could have been better spent just buying good non-bomb running shoes and just hold the bomb in front of you and take off in to the airport when confronted. [Read More]

Chicago Woman Cries Sexual Assault from Lambert Airport Screening

Penny Moroney was going through security to get on her flight back home to Chicago when the her artificial knee set off the metal detector. The TSA staff on duty gave her two choices: Stay in St. Louis (and probably get shot or robbed) or take part in the new “invasive” pat down. Her gloved hands touched my breasts…went between them. Woah. Then she went into the top of my slacks, [Read More]