St. Charles County Touts Lower Teen Pregnancy Rate

Teen pregnancy is declining in St. Charles County everyone! It’s also declining nationally by about the same rate, but that must just be some crazy coincidence because stuff is really going well out in St. Charles County. That many Applebee’s can’t be wrong! From 1990 to 2000, there were nearly 23 percent fewer teen pregnancies in the county. For teens ages 15 to 17, the number dropped more than 50 percent. [Read More]

Woman Who Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant, Gives Birth. New Baby Immediately the Smartest in the Family.

Doctor, is it a cause for concern if your turds come out screaming while kicking and clawing at your legs? Oh, I see. So your medical opinion is that the reason is needed to go to the bathroom this morning, was not a food baby, but because I was having an actual baby? Interesting. Can I get a second opinion? Here’s one: You’re also, pretty clearly, retarded. No joking. That actually happened yesterday morning. [Read More]

Virginia Kerr is Still Cute as a Button While Preggers

KMOV morning cutie Virginia Kerr was opining about stretchmark prevention on a “mommy blog” recently: Two more weeks until the third trimester! I’m so excited, I think I may have to celebrate that day with ice cream! BUT it also makes me worry stretch marks are right around the corner. So far, so good but I’ve been reading women get them as late as three days before they give birth. [Read More]