Task Force Finds 3 St. Charles Meth Labs

Task Force Finds 3 St. Charles Meth Labs

The St. Charles County Drug Task Force has been working diligently to find and stop meth production in St. Charles and they recently announced the results of their six-month investigation: They found 3 meth labs. Anyone that lives west of a bridge drives past 4 meth labs on their way to work each morning, but that’s great St. Charles. Three’s better than none…or one…or two. That’s it though. Those are the only three things it’s better than. …ok, watching “Today in St. Louis” is pretty rough. We’ll say that’s the fourth thing, but that’s all!

Lets hear how the St. Charles Task Force took down one of these brillant drug super villans:

Prosecutors on Saturday charged Bradley Edward Gelber, 49, of 263 N. Shore Drive in northern St. Charles County, with manufacture with intent to distribute a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance.

Gelber owns Brad’s Scooters, 3301 N. Highway 94 in unincorporated St. Charles County. Police went there Friday to question Gelber about involvement in meth production, according to court documents.

Clearly it won’t go down that easy. Gelber must have a trick up his sleeve!

Gelber denied any involvement in meth production and told police they needed a warrant to search his business.

Well played Gelber! Push back with your strong knowledge of criminal law and give yourself time to escape in your meth rock shaped escape pod to your volcano lair.

Gelber gave police permission to search him

Hmm. Interesting move, but we’re sure the man knows what he’s doing.

…and they found a bag of meth in his pants pocket.

And right there, the wheels came off the plan!

How does a guy that owns a bike store decide to get in to the meth lab game anyway? Seems like it’s kind of a big decision. You’ve got to get some stuff together, find a buyer or two, throw away all your combs and deodorant, and start working on that standard meth guy goatee. After that though it’s all just pouring and stirring so that doesn’t seem all that hard, but the trick is apparently just not carrying the merchandise around in your pocket!

Maybe making meth is like going to beach. Once you get done you’re still finding sand or meth everywhere for days. What do you mean I have meth behind my ears? I showered!

via STLToday