If You See a Guy On His Porch in Maplewood Who Looks Like He’s Jacking It, He Probably Is

Kenny Gooch was sitting on his front porch in Maplewood one day and while he was watching a few high school girls walk by he decided to whip his junk out and smack it around a little. Who’s gonna know right? You way up on this porch and they’re way over there down two steps and over on the sidewalk 5 feet away. It’s the perfect crime! So perfect he did it twice. [Read More]

Your Daily Meth News: Stolen Licenses and the Walmart Lady Returns

There’s just too much meth news in St. Louis these days, so we’re just going to shrink two stories in to one so you can inhale them quickly, just try not to burn your thumb. Guess what? You might have helped this lady buy meth supplies! If you live in Maplewood and recently got your drivers license renewed then your ID might have been used to buy the ingredients for meth…but if you already buy stuff to make meth all the time then don’t worry about it we guess. [Read More]