Sheriff Arrested on Suspicion of Being a Meth Dealer

“Freaking cops! Stealing your stash and then they don’t report it! They just take it themselves and sell it out! Punks they just as bad as the people they bustin’!” Oh fictitious bitter criminal,  you’re assumptions that every cop is dirty amuse us…but even a drug-addled, retarded clock is right twice a day.

A southeast Missouri sheriff is now charged with distribution of methamphetamine.

Carter County Sheriff Tommy Adams was arrested Saturday. Carter County prosecutor Rocky Kingree filed formal charges Monday. Adams, who is 31, is jailed on $250,000 cash-only bond. He does not yet have an attorney.

You’re first clue that this guy was just an f*ck-up waiting to happen is that he calls himself Tommy, Sheriff Tommy, which, unless a six year old that defends the neighborhood with the slingshot hanging out of his back pocket is your Sheriff, is a little weird.

What is the deal with the southeastern police these days? Between Tommy the meth-dealing Sheriff and the trigger happy Officer Barks from yesterday, you really start the get the picture that southern Missouri is just a bunch of weird hicks and that have gone crazy from their steady appetites for squirrel meat, meth, and immediate family sexual relations. If their cops are this crazy, what does that say for the rest of them. These are the people that should be upholding the law for the other nut-cases, the thin line between civilized order and um…Arkansas! Instead? Meth dealing and chihuahua shooting.

States really do represent the their average inhabitant. Take Missouri’s “bottom” for instance: You might think it’s ok from a distance, but get a little closer and you’ll find out it stinks, far hairier than most like and weird crap comes of out if. California’s, however, is nicely shaped, gets plenty of sun and the only real problem is that a bunch of Mexican’s have touched it.

via KMOX