Southeast Missouri Sheriff Deputy Shoots “Dangerous” Chihuahua

A Southeast Missouri sheriff’s deputy was responding to a domestic dispute call when after making an arrest she was confronted by a snarling dog. One of the dogs lunged to bite a deputy Kelly Barks, and she responded by firing a shot at the dog. Walking back outside Barks found the dog didn’t actually bite her, but as still “acting aggressively” so the dog was shot by Barks a second time. The animal retreated to it’s kennel, which is where Barks shot her nemesis a third time, dealing the fatal wound.

The dog, the one the Deputy Barks shot thee times, was a little chihuahua.

“When I found out the dog that was shot was a Chihuahua, I really was upset,” [Bollinger County Sheriff Leo McElrath] told KFVS-TV.

McElrath, who has apologized to the dog’s owner, said he, too, believes his deputy could have handled the situation different – with pepper spray, a baton or stick, or even a kick.

A chihuahua! Why would anyone think their life was in danger from a little dog like that, especially someone rocking body armor, pepper spray, a stick and a gun? Sure, we’d all shoot the thing three times too if Paris Hilton was holding it, or one walked up and made horrible puns with George Lopez’s voice, but to feel threatened enough to take three shots at the thing seems like a wee bit of an overreaction no? Maybe not. Maybe the little guy was just gnawing away and nearly got through her police sock before needing not be taken down hard! Nothing smarts worse than an ankle scrape. Here’s hoping Barks at least made an awesome action hero quip after dropping a chihuahua with three hollow points to the chest. The following are all correct choices:

  1. “Quiero que te mueras y Taco Bell!”

  2. At least you didn’t have that far to fall!

  3. I guess this Barks was worse than your bite!

via STLToday