Guy Busted Making Meth in White Castle Parking Lot

Guy Busted Making Meth in White Castle Parking Lot

St. Louis’ “Make Meth While You Do Other Stuff Throughout Your Day” Economy continues to flourish. This time police busted a guy making meth in his car while chilling in a White Castle parking lot. Patrons where shocked to found out that drugs where being made so close by where they had lunch…if they had only known they could have just had meth which would have been the slightly healthier option over the 15 sliders they just ate.

Scott Holt was arrested for allegedly operating a “mobile meth lab” in a White Castle Parking lot off Watson Road in Marlborough. Officials said Holt is awaiting a July 6 court date on another drug-making charge.

Sgt. Jason Grellner of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department said drug users flock to the city because pseudoephedrine, an ingredient used in making meth, does not require a prescription in St. Louis.

This story follows on the heels of the lady that was busted for making meth while shoplifting at the South County Walmart a couple of weeks ago, and then was busted a second time for making meth while at an area gas station.

But now the question is, why didn’t anyone tell us something like this would happen?!

“We knew this was going to happen, we warned this was going to happen and now it’s happened,” Grellner said.

Oh. Now in your warning, did you mean just more meth production in general within the city limits, or were you talking specifically about making meth in White Castle parking lots, and if so, which ones? If you weren’t specific you can hardly judge anyone for not being about to stop it, especially the city of St. Louis. They’ve tried to get people to just tell them when and where they plan to do drugs or kill someone, and criminals cooperated to a point by saying “Drugs in South County, shootings in South City and both in North City.” but even that wasn’t specific enough, so you need to be really really specific any future warnings officer and that’s probably why no one noticed this skeezy guy making meth while knocking back a Crave Case. If you have approximate times, or a sketch of any future criminals that would really help us out too.

via KMOV