Missouri Man Dies During Gun Safety Class

Apparently it’s the second half of the Mountain Grove, Missouri (it’s by Springfield) gun safety class that makes the real impact.

Authorities say 63-year-old Glenn Seymour of Mountain Grove died after shooting himself in the chest Saturday at a class in rural Douglas County

Sheriff Chris Degase says witnesses reported that Seymour was injured while trying to take the safety off a Browning semi-automatic 9 mm weapon.

Right after the break they were going to go over the part where you learn to not point the gun at your chest…ever. If only Jerry wouldn’t have brought in so much orange juice we wouldn’t have had to break for the bathroom…no…it’s best not to think about “what if’s”.

What do you do if you’re in the class when something like this happens? Is the whole class’ safety certificates invalidated or does just the one guy that shot himself fail? Seems harsh, but he did shoot himself in the middle of a safety course…gotta think something like that would have ended up on the final exam.

via KMOV