Woah! Be Cool STLToday. No One Needs to Get Hurt Today.

Ok…there’s no reason we can’t all walk away from this. Click on an ad? Sure. Whatever you want…um which one? Uh…we mean we don’t see them because they are so unobtrusive and not at all annoying when they roll over what I’m trying to read and can’t go back up. Look, if you want to keep paying Jeff Gordon to do who knows what, that’s fine. It has nothing to do with us…lets just not take this to a point where you can’t turn back man. Was it the racists in your forums that drove you to this point where you are pulling a piece on your web readers? We’re just trying to understand. “Site on site” crime really has to stop! Jesus, just one time cite a blogger as a source when they beat you to the punch!

Ok…ok…lets just take a deep breath. I didn’t mean to come at you that way, and you are still pointing a gun at me. We can figure this out…

I’m thirsty. I’m just going to reach down to get some water…woah! It’s cool. It’s cool. I just need to reach in here, really slowly and get this…

Bad ass gun we’re turning sideways cuz we are crazy tough!


Don’t f*ck with us. Now we are going to bang your girlfriend, Suburban Journal.

Screenshot from 6/10/2010