Don’t Put Down Your Gun When Robbing People

When you rob someone, don’t just pull the gun out, surprise them and then think it’s over. It’s not! Robbery not finished yet! You still have work to do! Just don’t put down the gun!

The suspected robber, whose name has not been released, came to the home on Compton to use the phone, police said. He came there with a 20-year-old man he’d just met on Wednesday night. Inside the home on Compton was a 19-year-old man.

Once inside the home, the suspect pulled out a gun to rob the others, police said. When he put the gun down, the 19-year-old man was able to get the gun and shoot the would-be robber.

So see right there was the problem. Don’t put down the gun, because then they have the gun. This may have worked if you, the robber, had 2 or 3 guns, but you’re robbing people so that’s probably a stretch.

The victims turned awesome action heroes are cooperating with police and have the best Facebook wall posts in all of St. Louis.

via STLToday