Chef Steals From Restaurant

Its not just the bus boys at your local Denny’s you have to keep your guard up around to make sure they don’t steal stuff, its everyone, in all kitchens apparently…from the crack-head dishwashers to the fancy chef being recruited to come work for you. All of them.

Not you though. The rest of them.

Chef Mark A. Curran has been the public face of the fine-dining restaurant Araka, but now he’s accused of burglarizing and stealing from the restaurant.

Authorities say it’s all captured on video between March 13th and April 10th this year.

The items the 39-year-old is accused of stealing include: 14 bottles of liquor, fine wines and cheese, steaks, 10 pounds of hamburger, 2 chickens, 3 bags of rolls, and one Budweiser beer.

One beer? Bastard broke in to his old work place, to steal one hell of a bar-b-q and didn’t even get us a beer? Freaking weak. Everyone knows that when you go get yourself a beer, you say “Hey, I’m getting a beer. Everyone cool?” and take a quick survey. Didn’t hear a peep from you bro. Lame.

What do you think about the crap this guy’s pulling John Pertzborn?


via KSDK