Quick Fixes For The Local Meda, Part 2: Because We Still Care (Harder)

Earlier this week we took some time out of our day, pressed pause on our continual Mila Kunis British interview watching, and told the St. Louis media how to fix themselves…and then we waited. Waited for the “Oh you think you’re so smart!” or “You deserve to get more than the usual amount of ass cancer!” emails/comments/tweets to come rolling in, but they never did. Instead we got things like this: [Read More]

Cardinals Fan Does Something Dirty Next to Jim Hayes on Fox Sports Midwest

Much of the St. Louis area had their TVs tuned to the Mizzou game Saturday night, and if that describes your TV, you missed this on the Fox Sports Midwest broadcast of the Cardinals game: No, Jim Hayes’ rug isn’t all that interesting, but the guy just to the left of his rug, making the universal “rug munching” sign is pretty funny. …and the “Missouri Lottery Cardinals Live” is up next! [Read More]

Fox Sports Midwest Thinks All Middle Infielder Bench Players Are the Same

Good catch by the tip line from yesterday’s Cardinal game. Poor Daniel Descalso, he’s only going to hit a few home runs each year, so the least Fox Sports Midwest could do is get the man’s name right as he rounds the bases.

Of course it could be worse. They could have called him “Bench Player Guy”, like poor “Minor League Guy” from spring training.

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Dan McLaughlin Gets Busted For Drinky Drinky Drivey Drivey

Update: Now with 100% more awesome mugshot action! Yeah, he looked really sober. Probably not guilty. He looks like Jack Nicholson’s drunk chubby little brother. You see the key to looking sober is to cross your eyes and give the camera a creepy sly smile. This may be the greatest St. Louis mugshot since Ozzy Osbourne. Original post below… Dan McLaughlin, Cardinals TV broadcaster on Fox Sports Midwest, was pulled over and arrested on suspicion of drunk driving Monday night after refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test. [Read More]

Who Has Two Thumbs and Can Get on Jim Rome’s Show Whenever He Wants? Joe Mather

Check out the video below pulled from Fox Sports Midwest of an excited Joe Mather ruining improving what would normally be a boring Jim Rome interview with Adam Wainwright. Mather ran up from the Cardinals clubhouse to repeatedly run behind Wainwright who really tried his best to keep his composure. At the rate shown in the video, if that interview would have gone on a segment longer, there’s no doubt Mather would have eventually shown his junk to all seven of Jim Rome’s television viewers. [Read More]