Adam Wainwright’s Elbow Just Ruined the Whole Season

Wednesday morning the world learned of Cardinal ace right-hander, Adam Wainwright‘s “significant” elbow injury. The Cardinals are f*cked. [Cardinals and general manager John] Mozeliak conceded that “things do not look encouraging” and called Wainwright’s condition “a significant injury.” Manager Tony La Russa called it “a huge hit.” “It’s really difficult for Adam, really difficult, to go through this,” La Russa said. “He’s really an outstanding person and pro. I think he’s concerned about not putting in his piece, which is what you expect from him. [Read More]

Who Has Two Thumbs and Can Get on Jim Rome’s Show Whenever He Wants? Joe Mather

Check out the video below pulled from Fox Sports Midwest of an excited Joe Mather ruining improving what would normally be a boring Jim Rome interview with Adam Wainwright. Mather ran up from the Cardinals clubhouse to repeatedly run behind Wainwright who really tried his best to keep his composure. At the rate shown in the video, if that interview would have gone on a segment longer, there’s no doubt Mather would have eventually shown his junk to all seven of Jim Rome’s television viewers. [Read More]

Carpenter’s Waxes Poetic About Wainwright

Carpenter’s Waxes Poetic About Wainwright
For a reasons we can’t figure out other than the fact that they keep firing people that make more than minimum wage over there, the Post Dispatch thought it wise to push the typewriter away from the experienced writers and in front of two guys that throw balls really really hard for a living. Cardinal pitchers Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright were asked to write why the other should win the National League Cy Young Award. [Read More]