Carpenter’s Waxes Poetic About Wainwright

Los+Angeles+Dodgers+v+St+Louis+Cardinals+MaZHDEWyGnGlFor a reasons we can’t figure out other than the fact that they keep firing people that make more than minimum wage over there, the Post Dispatch thought it wise to push the typewriter away from the experienced writers and in front of two guys that throw balls really really hard for a living.  Cardinal pitchers Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright were asked to write why the other should win the National League Cy Young Award.  The results were a resounding “eh” for Waino, but a deafening headslap for Carpenter.

It appears as the ink wasn’t totally wasted though, as our favorite local Cardinals blog Viva El Birdos got a little something awesome in their email…

I got this in the mail last night, and I think it’s worth a post. I’ll turn this over to VEB-er MikeJGolde, the responsible party:

I took apart Carpenter’s (awful) article about Wainwright and reconstructed it into something more appropriate.

I won’t reprint the whole thing as you can go to the VEB post to check it out, but here’s a little taste:

I’ve been able to do that a few times in my career.
But I’ve also been a guy who hasn’t done it.
That’s why I know how hard it is to do.
Maybe, for one year you can do it.

Powerful. Stupid. But he done sure throw stuff good!

…plus its going to really be awkward when Tim Lincecum wins.