Adam Wainwright’s Elbow Just Ruined the Whole Season

Wednesday morning the world learned of Cardinal ace right-hander, Adam Wainwright‘s “significant” elbow injury. The Cardinals are f*cked.

[Cardinals and general manager John] Mozeliak conceded that “things do not look encouraging” and called Wainwright’s condition “a significant injury.” Manager Tony La Russa called it “a huge hit.”

“It’s really difficult for Adam, really difficult, to go through this,” La Russa said. “He’s really an outstanding person and pro. I think he’s concerned about not putting in his piece, which is what you expect from him.”

Poor Nick Punto. No one gives a crap about your injury anymore.

Seriously though, this bites. First the Cardinals begin a messy contract fight with Pujols, then Edmonds retires…if you want to count that as a bad thing…then Punto gets hurt. Hell, we even had an owner die! Its a sad day in “baseball heaven”.

But not in Cincinnati!  Oh it’s a good time had by all over at the spring headquarters of our wanna-be rivals, the Reds. According to Hall of Fame baseball writer Hal McCoy, some of the Reds were downright giddy at the news of Wainwright’s elbow! McCoy initally reported that Jonny Gomes came in to the clubhouse jubilantly signing “Wainwright’s gone! Wainwright’s gone!” though, those comments have now been expunged from McCoy’s online account. Later on, the tone of the Reds clubhouse was reported as a little more neutral regarding the Cardinal pitcher’s injury, so who can you believe? Probably somewhere in the middle, since it’s not like McCoy to just make up things, and we know that Dusty Baker runs the Reds like an absent step father, just brushing off comments like that or previous ones by certified douche Brandon Phillips with “boys will be boys”. He’s a great manager though…destroying pitcher’s arms and riding Barry Bonds to a World Series is really a tough job.

Hey, if the season’s already toast and Albert’s on his way out…screw it. Light those Reds hitters up on April 22nd! Maybe have Lohse do it so he can earn that contract of his.

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