Metrolink Security Guard Invents Boomerang Bullet…or is Simply Incompetent

A Metrolink security guard was the only injury after being grazed by a bullet early Tuesday at the Shrewsbury Metrolink station.

The bullet came from his own gun.

This guy either spent lonely night after lonely night noodling the fringes of physics or is so dumb he eats his own poop.

When we contacted the National Dumbass Security Guard Union, they only replied with “This is why we usually only give them flashlights. Why would you give an untrained, minimum wage worker a gun? What horrible place would need to arm people like that?”

Apparently she has never had the pleasure of riding the Metrolink back from a Cards game pressed up against the glass door by a burley and creepily quiet gentleman with dried blood on his knuckles right out of a prison rape scene. …two more stops…two more stops….

via KMOV