More “Who Cares?” News From KSDK’s Leisa Zigman: Wedding Day Flub

bridezilla_1Of course you want your wedding day to be perfect, but guess what? Not gonna happen. Everyone has something weird or crappy happen. Admittedly, some are worse off than others, but its always something.

For instance our first whirlwind marriage with super model Heidi Klum (Don’t ask her about. She’ll pretend like she won’t know what you are talking about.) was totally ruined when I was arrested outside her, I mean our, bathroom window for just standing there with a locket of my future wife’s hair and all those photos of us…well they are just of her, but someone has to take the photo, with the telephoto lens, from my van. Anyway…

These two had their Reverend say the wrong name when he said “I now pronounce you…” That sucks. The Reverend feels stupid no doubt and everyone had a little chuckle. No big deal right? …of course not. Damn you Zigman!

Rev. Faires has performed weddings for 20 years through his business Anywhere Wedding Ceremonies. He has detailed logs showing the names of thousands of couples he’s married.

The personalized vows went well, so did the special ceremony where Brandi and Jason poured sand into a vessel to show their lives joining as one. Then came what should have been the pronouncement of Jason Ryder and Brandi Brown as husband and wife.

Instead, Revered Faires pronounced what sounded like James Nolte and Karen Ohm as husband and wife. Brandi’s head snapped towards the Reverend as she wondered who were “James” and “Karen.”

“Was absolutely dumfounded,” Brandi said. “Jason added,’This couldn’t be happening right here, right now.’”

The Reverend, of course, is the only sane one in this mess:

“Some people think the world revolves around me and they have illusions of grandeur. It has to be absolutely perfect. They want at $10,000 wedding for $50,” Rev. Faires said. “I should have proofread it before I said it but I didn’t and it’s regretful but when it happened before, people just laughed about it,”

The Reverend said he had no idea the Ryders were upset until NewsChannel 5 called. He immediately phoned the couple to apologize.

The Ryders have no plans to sue or ask for a refund. They just want people to know about their experience with Anywhere Wedding Ceremonies of Hazelwood.

“We felt our wedding was a train wreck,” Brandi said.

So many people to rage on for this…

Leisa Zigman clearly either doesn’t know what actual news is, doesn’t care, or physically can’t bring herself to report it. What a hack. Some crazy bridezilla thats bummed that her $80 wedding didn’t go 100% right is not news! Its not even close to news!

Speaking of the bride, what a crazy broad this is. I bet she’s a real joy at home. She gets some hate too in this because only someone as self-absorbed as her would think to call KSDK about something as lame as this. I really hope she called the other stations first and they all told her to go screw until she found the crazy ying to her batshit yang with Zigman.

Oh and the groom? Control your woman dude.

via KSDK