Virginia Kerr is a Good Sport

To the winners go the spoils…assuming the winners is us being selected as the Best Local Celebrity Blog by the RFT and spoils mean being discussed on KMOV’s Great Day St. Louis. They get to us at the end, and we didn’t get a screen shot because we used naughty language in our post earlier today. Oh well. The important thing is that Virginia Kerr is a good sport! We don’t particularly care if our “targets” don’t get the joke, but it sure is nice when they do. [Read More]

Did You Know About Terry Crouppen’s St. Louis?!

Somehow I’ve managed to missed the insane bad TV brilliance of Great Day St. Louis until recently, and now I’ve been nothing but obsessed with watching clip after clip of a show that I keep waiting to end with “Gotcha!” or Will Ferrell announcing “the weather man is dead! I killed the weather man!” Take this little segment for example: Apparently this segment, and I use that term loosely, is so that everyone’s favorite ambulance chaser tells us about some lawsuit and we are all supposed to pretend this isn’t an advertisement. [Read More]