Did You Know About Terry Crouppen’s St. Louis?!

Somehow I’ve managed to missed the insane bad TV brilliance of Great Day St. Louis until recently, and now I’ve been nothing but obsessed with watching clip after clip of a show that I keep waiting to end with “Gotcha!” or Will Ferrell announcing “the weather man is dead!  I killed the weather man!”

Take this little segment for example:


Apparently this segment, and I use that term loosely, is so that everyone’s favorite ambulance chaser tells us about some lawsuit and we are all supposed to pretend this isn’t an advertisement.  This time he told us the true story about that lady that spilled coffee on herself on and then sued and won.  Turns out, she’s a sad figure says Crouppen…oh and try to find out if Terry thinks the news people in the US are doing their jobs right or not.

[Editor’s note: We wouldn’t make you watch the whole thing!  …plus they don’t have embed code at their site, so we present the PunchingKitty Video Summary!]


Third degree burns over 6% of her body?!  Well, 6% of an old lady’s body is more than I would want on me at one time, but really not all that much.  Could have been a thigh’s worth.  The third degree burns part is what’s a little hard to believe.  From wikipedia:

Third-degree burns occur when the epidermis is lost with damage to the subcutaneous tissue. Burn victims will exhibit charring and extreme damage of the epidermis, and sometimes hard eschar will be present. Third-degree burns result in scarring and victims will also exhibit the loss of hair shafts and keratin. These burns may require grafting.

Coffee charred her skin?  Whatever.  The point is…I don’t know what the point is.  Really dumb intro to a commercial though…yeah!  Ok, that will be the point.