Poopstock: Kings of Leon Announce PR-Fixing Concert

Yes, its old news now, but power-emo band Kings of Leon, the band now famous for quitting on their St. Louis audience last month because of excessive bird poopy, is planning their return to St. Louis and, interestingly, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.

“As soon as what happened happened, we knew we were going to come back,” Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill said. “We knew (leaving) would be horrible, and we knew people were not going to be happy. We were just trying to figure out the best way and the easiest way to get back and make it better.”

The show, which will go down September 25th, will be free to ticket holders of the last “show” and there will be additional seats for only $10. Kings of Leon are taking no money from the gate of the make-up show and are already building up expectations:

Fans are getting as good, if not better, a production than what they would have gotten before.

…so they’ll play 5 songs this time? I mean you say dumb crap (un-intended pun…kinda) like that when you last show was 3 songs long and you’re asking for people to turn that around on you.

Oh and they totally read our coverage of what we coined as “Poopstock”.

“We don’t care about the news stories,” [bassist Jared] Followill said. “We care about the personal stories, like from the fans who’d come a long way to see the concert.”

What bothered the band “was the misinformation,” Followill said. “There were so many things that were fabricated, things people were confused about.”

Wait…you didn’t leave the stage after three songs?! Could the crowd just not see or hear you under all the bird poop?

Followill said management wanted the band to leave after the first song but, after watching their fans rocking out, they couldn’t. By the third song, he said, he could see management getting angry with them for not leaving the stage, and they had to pull the plug.

Ok, so you aren’t a pussy, your management is? …I guess we can believe…

Followill said that he would have stayed longer but that “after 30 songs, I would’ve been covered. It was disgusting. I wanted to throw up when it was on my face.”

…learn when to stop talking Jared.

Followill said he’s not sure how his brother Caleb, the band’s singer, will acknowledge “Pigeongate” on Sept. 25, although he’s sure he will, perhaps humorously.

Fans almost certainly will. It won’t be a shock if some turn up in pigeon costumes.

“Hopefully, that would only make the band laugh,” Jared Followill said. “I thought it would’ve happened in other cities, but it hasn’t.”

A pidgin costume?! We were thinking even more straight to the point: A vagina costume, holding a guitar with a little speck of white on it.

via The Blender