Man Gets Eight Years for Penis Murder

After pleading guilty yesterday in a St. Charles court to knowingly  exposing someone to HIV, Charles W. Benjamin, has been sentenced to eight years in prison. Benjamin is currently serving another 8 year sentence for the exact same crime in Lincoln County.

Police said Benjamin had unprotected sex with a woman in St. Charles County numerous times between December 2007 and June of 2008 without telling her he was HIV positive. He has known he was HIV positive since March of 1998, police said.

Prosecutors in St. Charles County said the woman has not tested positive for HIV.

There are two questions we have with this story…

  1. The maximum sentence for this type of crime is 15 years. Weird as it is that this kind of thing happens enough to warnet an official max sentence, its weirder still that this guy somehow didn’t get the maximum 15 years? Is there a worse way to kill a woman with your wang? Do you have to be convicted a few more times to get the max?! Twice isn’t enough? Does he need to tape syringes to his penis next time if he wants to hit the sentencing tilt?

  2. How did we manage to go through high-school strking out with the ladies but Beardo McAids over here is apparently the casanova of more than a few zipcodes? What game could this guy be spitting to continually get ladies in the sack to give them the Aids? Seriously. We’re interested in knowing his game plan. Sure we have no problem getting ladies when its warm enough to take our shirt off and bench press a few homeless guys, but winter is right around the corner and we would value the assistance of a CyrAIDSno de Bergerac.

Eh. Nevermind. We don’t have enough time to practice that “You’ve Got Aids” barbershop song.

(Confused? Click through the jump to see the video.)

via STLToday