Woman Wakes Up to Homeless Guy in House

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that face in the morning? Apparently this snooty broad from Belleville who got all uptight when she woke up to see a homeless guy (above) standing in her room.

According to police, the man was found inside the home in the 100 block of East Monroe last Thursday. The Victim woke up, screamed and the suspect left her room. Officers came and arrested the man without any incident.

Sure its not the holidays for another few months, but can’t people just let a guy sneak in to their house while they sleep and then creepily and calmly stare at you until you wake up? Dust to dust man! We’re all people on this earth, just trying to get along, stay warm and find a good place to steal some silverware for drugs after rubbing one out while watching strangers.

The intruder was charged with one count of criminal trespassing. The woman was sentenced to never being able to sleep soundly again.

via KMOV