Rams Lose Governor’s Cup to Chiefs. St. Louis on Suicide Watch

Yeah Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo, we’d be sad too if our team just went out secure play-off spot in the game that decided the all “important” Missouri Governor’s Cup and instead of winning, decided to go out and vag away the game with interceptions, sacks and getting shredded by a dude that just had his appendix taken out less than 2 weeks ago.

Cassel went the distance only 11 days after an emergency appendectomy, leading the way in a 27-13 victory over the suddenly sagging St. Louis Rams on Sunday. He didn’t think it was a big deal, either.

“Everything felt good,” Cassel said. “I feel good now. And a win makes it feel better.”

The Rams (6-8) fizzled after a strong start, losing their second straight and missing a shot to solidify first place in the weak NFC West. Sam Bradford became the third rookie in the NFL to pass for 3,000 yards but it came in one of his worst performances.

“I didn’t play well at all,” Bradford said. “We let it get away and there’s nothing we can do about it now.”

The Governor’s Cup, the award given by the standing Missouri governor to the victor of the yearly Rams and Chief’s game, is such an important award that it is usually decided with the last pre-season game (yes, the game that usually consists of two starting lineups filled out by all the back-ups and people that won’t make the team) but this year happened deep in to the season because of schedule serendipity…but you knew all this stuff already right? The Governor’s Cup is super important to you isn’t it? No?! Oh you must be from St. Louis then.

Governor’s Cup stays with Kansas City; team feels at home on the road

The Chiefs have dominated the regular-season Governor’s Cup since the Rams moved to Missouri.

They are 5-0 against the Rams since they arrived in St. Louis in 1995 and had a different head coach in each of those five victories.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon presented the Governor’s Cup to Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt in a brief ceremony after the game.

That was from the Kansas City Star, who thinks any of this matters. Jesus Kansas City if this is really how you feel, we hope you always win the damn thing. Whatever gets you through your year. You’re freaking team’s 9-5 and surely headed to the playoffs with a non-embarassing record and you spend the 1st chunk of a game recap on Jay Nixon giving the Governor’s Cup to your team?! Don’t forget to mention how many Chiefs fans showed up to the St. Louis game…hate for you to miss out on a opportunity for you to feel special for something that doesn’t matter to anyone anywhere for any reason…

More than 10,000 red-clad Chiefs fans were among the 55,669 at the Edward Jones Dome, and they who were counting down the final seconds with the tomahawk chop. In fact, the reaction to some plays on the field made it difficult to tell which was the home team.


Kansas City: The young little dorky brother trying to have us give a crap about his level 78 World of Warcraft character, to our cool older brother with a devil-may-care attitude, a badass leather jacket and a sweet face scar. Maybe we’re also flipping a coin all the time. Why do we do it? Don’t worry about it sweet cheeks, we’re mysterious. You can’t change us and our dangerous attitude, but you’re gonna try anyway because you love the bad boy…a bad boy with expensive stuff in our “West” hand, and a gun in our Eastern-hand! Now shut up, drop down, and start working our “South Grand”.