Updated: Eyewitness of Kiddie Crowd Surfing at Aquabats Show Defends Band

Earlier this week we mentioned the “kiddie crowd surfing” at the recent Aquabats show and the minor turmoil it caused, but an eye-witness quickly responded via our Facebook page to defend the band: I was at this show. I have crowd surfed in my past. I can tell you right now that the kid was in no harm what so ever. Everyone in the crowd was ready to catch him, and you could see that he loved every minute of it. [Read More]

Kiddie Crowd Surfing at Aquabats Show

“Blake’s dad, can I throw your son in to the audience?”

Despite it appears from the shots above that this is the first step in a ritual human child sacrifice, no one was hurt, and it all ended up ok…but geez, even we cringed a little seeing the Aquabats front man throw progressively younger kids in to a sea of strangers during Sunday night’s show at the Pageant.

(Full YouTube video embedding after the jump.)

Hat tip to our commenter for the heads up!

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