Updated: Eyewitness of Kiddie Crowd Surfing at Aquabats Show Defends Band

Earlier this week we mentioned the “kiddie crowd surfing” at the recent Aquabats show and the minor turmoil it caused, but an eye-witness quickly responded via our Facebook page to defend the band:

I was at this show. I have crowd surfed in my past. I can tell you right now that the kid was in no harm what so ever. Everyone in the crowd was ready to catch him, and you could see that he loved every minute of it. He got to fly. It’s time for our world to stop being so afraid of a kid possibly getting a bump or a bruise.

I mean, have you been to an Aquabats show before? They sing about pool parties, pizza day in the school cafeteria and cats with two heads. The lead singer co-founded You Gabba Gabba. Do you think there was anyone in that crowd that was going to let a kid fall? Also, this isn’t the first time it has happened at a show of theirs. This is one of their things. To let kids have an awesome time while us adults aren’t allowed to stage dive at punk shows because someone might sue. Honestly, I was jealous of the kid.

Well said and thanks for the update! Also, now that word is out, watch out for pedophiles looking for a free handfull getting front and center in the pit at all future Aquabats shows.

Molestation OMG LOL!