St. Louis is Tough on Trash Dumping

[Editor’s Note: So since the time of this story’s writing last night, another story broke about a baby being found dead in a dumpster. Certainly a sad story, and one we may cover in a separate post. However, if you feel yourself getting pissy on this story simply because the word “dumpster” is a common thread, take a deep breath and read our story, slowly, so it sinks in, past the crazy parts of your brain. [Read More]

City Police Mobilize on a Barrel Full of White Powder

A 55-gallon drum was found, rusted and broken open, spilling it’s contents of white powder in to a St. Louis alley in Ward 11. Of course, people were frightened. What was the white powder? Is it anthrax? Have the terrorist gotten lazy and started just throwing partially open barrels out of cars after their big boss is busy floating in the ocean, which has to sting with all the salt water in that head wound. [Read More]

Lady Sues City Over Trash Charge

Annie Cooper is 70 and when you make it to that age, it is your job to shit on everyone that hasn’t made it there by being as grumpy and annoying as possible, always finding a way to make every little thing in to a slight against you personally. That’s gotta be a great feeling, and we can’t wait until we graduate to that lofty position. Back to Annie though, she’s mad because the city is charging her $11/month more for trash pickup and the addition of recycling dumpsters. [Read More]

You Missed Clean the Lou 2010! Here’s the Recap Video

“Clean the Lou” 2010 is in our review mirror, but if you weren’t aware it was the first annual event of forming teams and cleaning up different areas of St. Louis. On Saturday, September 25, we held our very first Clean The Lou. More than 30 teams and many others across the metropolitan area worked tirelessly to clean up streets, alleys, parks and more. We made some great progress but there’s more to do. [Read More]

St. Louis to Start Charging for Trash Collection

The free ride might be over for St. Louis city residents who have been living the good life with “free” trash pick up. On Wednesday, city leaders released a proposed budget that includes a provision for homeowners to pay $8 a month for trash services. The city said the move would raise $10 million in the next budget. City leaders claim that many county residents currently pay for trash service. In some communities, trash collection costs homeowners up to $20 a month. [Read More]