City to Jack up Water Prices, Start Charging for Trash

St. Louis is poor. Mayor Slay is about a month away from having city employees sell cheese and sausage to their families. If only there was another way! If the city could only fine a service they provide and then charge more for it… City residents can expect to see their water rates increase, and a new $144-per-family annual trash fee. The city also talked about charging a $10-per-person entry fee for recreation centers, though that precise number may not stick. [Read More]

Laclede Gas is Doing Just Fine Thanks

If you live in reach of Laclede Gas and you pay their rates you’re going to love this. I mean you’re really going to love this! From article “Laclede Q1 profit up 50%” [emphasis mine]: Laclede Gas, the company’s core unit, saw its earnings rise 2.5 percent to $16.2 million in the recent quarter. The company attributed the increase to higher income from natural gas sales due to colder weather and higher surcharge revenue, offset by higher operating expenses and investment losses. [Read More]