No Layoffs for St. Louis City Police! The Fire Department However…

Question: Have you, or a loved one, had your car stolen by a fire by chance? Were you mugged by Fire recently? Ok, seriously now, where did Fire touch you? Did Fire rape you? If you’re answering no for the most part and have just been robbed, mugged, raped and stabbed by humans while living in the city, then all together, this should be good news. The St. Louis city Police Department will not have to lay off any officers this year! [Read More]

East St. Louis Layoff Policemen, Please Don’t Tell All the Criminals

East St. Louis you’re about to get that much worse. Layoff notices have already gone out in East St. Louis, and 16 police officers could be gone as of January first. The mayor says these layoffs are needed in order to get the city budget under control. Budget issues are totally important, but maybe…maybe the police aren’t where we’d make the cuts seeing as though you’ve got people stealing church vans and smashing them in to ATMs the same day this all was announced. [Read More]

Pfizer to Cut 600 Jobs, Everyone Left to Get Two Offices!

Today Pfizer, which houses its research facility in the Chesterfield valley, announced that it would chop 600 of the 1,000 St. Louis jobs. Damn dude. Employees learned of the news at 11 a.m. today as Pfizer announced changes that will result in a R&D square-footage footprint that is 35 percent smaller. The move comes as something of a shock since Pfizer only recently invested $250 million for new buildings and labs on its sprawling Chesterfield campus. [Read More]

Post Dispatch Sends Bonetti Packing, and He Goes Out Like A Bitch

This week in our apparently on-going feature of long time (and well-paid) Post Dispatch employees getting swept out the door and sending out “They tell me I have to say I’m leaving on my own or they won’t give me that extra money they promised” emails, we feature art critic David Bonetti. He left the post “Farewell to the Lou” on his “Culture Club” blog Friday. As some of you might have heard, I am leaving the Post-Dispatch. [Read More]

More Media Layoffs: KMOV Cuts 10 Jobs

KMOV has cut 10 jobs, the majority of which are salespeople we hear.  The only “name” we’ve heard being cut is Tim Tialdo from our favorite show “Great Day St. Louis”

Anyone else have any word on this or know the others that were let go?