Weird St. Louis Professor Katz Kicked Off Oil Super-Team

It was just yesterday we made fun of nutty Washington University Professor Jonathan I. Katz for his F-ed up blog posts about defending homophobia and other fun stuff like “Why Terrorism is Important”. We were still totally happy that a St. Louis mind got in the game! …well move over Detroit. We’re gonna need a seat on the bench after all. Jonathan I. Katz, a physics professor at Washington University in St. [Read More]

Pfizer to Cut 600 Jobs, Everyone Left to Get Two Offices!

Today Pfizer, which houses its research facility in the Chesterfield valley, announced that it would chop 600 of the 1,000 St. Louis jobs. Damn dude. Employees learned of the news at 11 a.m. today as Pfizer announced changes that will result in a R&D square-footage footprint that is 35 percent smaller. The move comes as something of a shock since Pfizer only recently invested $250 million for new buildings and labs on its sprawling Chesterfield campus. [Read More]

KMOV Axes John Mills

Our friends at the Riverfront Times’ blog STLog broke the news that channel 4, KMOV, have dropped the hammer on yet another employee. This time it was veteran of 13 years John Mills. John left a note to his…fans? …I guess…on his website: “I am deeply grateful to the people of St. Louis for all their support over the past 13 years. “Most especially, I want to recognize the victims of crime, discrimination and natural disaster. [Read More]

More Media Layoffs: KMOV Cuts 10 Jobs

KMOV has cut 10 jobs, the majority of which are salespeople we hear.  The only “name” we’ve heard being cut is Tim Tialdo from our favorite show “Great Day St. Louis”

Anyone else have any word on this or know the others that were let go?