Gas is Expensive

As of right now, the price of gas is right around $4 a gallon in St. Louis. Area owners of giant trucks or SUVs are currently torn between hatin’ that dang Obama because of the gas prices, but still loving the fact he killed that dang Osama. Poor fellers, that sure is a lot of of “danging” and like-sounding names.

The following things are now no longer driving for because they were barely worth it with gas was only $3 a gallon:

  1. Arby’s

  2. Any movie in 3D

  3. Pixie sticks

  4. Landscaping rock that won’t end up looking right oh and you didn’t get enough so you’d have to go back anyway.

  5. The following Vess Soda flavors: cherry, black cherry, pineapple, peach, piña colada, strawberry, blue raspberry, kiwi-strawberry and root beer

Photo Credit: Beth O’Malley


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