A North St. Louis Woman Set Herself on Fire After a Gas Fight

“Whew! Glad we got our fight settled over that gas can. I should go change though because I have gas all over me in addition to all the booze I’ve been drinking…but first I need a light up a smoke. Oh shit. I’m totally on fire now.” That’s a thing that happened. We ad-libbed the dialog. Police tell News 4 the woman and the man she lives with in North St. [Read More]

State Politician Wants to Make Gas Stations Notify You About Price Hikes

If you just read all the stupid crap the Missouri State government spends their time fighting over (Rush Limbaugh, Presidential ID checks, etc…) you’d think Missouri must be totally bitchin’ to live in. If their government is killing time with that crap, it’s gotta be all free banana splits and blow jobs over there right? Nah. It’s just that we elected morons. A Missouri lawmaker says we all should get a heads-up when there’s a price hike at the gas pump. [Read More]
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Gas is Expensive

As of right now, the price of gas is right around $4 a gallon in St. Louis. Area owners of giant trucks or SUVs are currently torn between hatin’ that dang Obama because of the gas prices, but still loving the fact he killed that dang Osama. Poor fellers, that sure is a lot of of “danging” and like-sounding names. The following things are now no longer driving for because they were barely worth it with gas was only $3 a gallon: [Read More]
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KMOV.com Posts Dumb Comments About the Price of Gas

KMOV is really just finding out about this whole internet thing and as such, are now taking posts to paste in comments from the site. You know how you’re always saying “I wonder what the random, nothing to do, loser who just spouts the same colloquialisms about every perceived obstacle in their life thinks about this news item”? You’re prayers have been answered! Gas hit $4 a gallon in the area recently, here’s the user content KMOV wanted to highlight (with our responses/translations): [Read More]
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Who Farted? Looking At You Maryland Heights!

Maryland Heights residents and commuters got a lovely present this morning when a local beverage distributer, Cott Beverages USA, had an issue that resulted in an ammonia leak. Fire officials released warnings and instructed everyone to stay in their homes if they could smell the ammonia. It was never strong enough to cause and evacuations and by 8am it was all but evaporated. Maryland Heights officials have no firm details on the cause of the noxious fumes, and have asked city officials to see where St. [Read More]