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KMOV is really just finding out about this whole internet thing and as such, are now taking posts to paste in comments from the site. You know how you’re always saying “I wonder what the random, nothing to do, loser who just spouts the same colloquialisms about every perceived obstacle in their life thinks about this news item”? You’re prayers have been answered!

Gas hit $4 a gallon in the area recently, here’s the user content KMOV wanted to highlight (with our responses/translations):

Rodney – Truly wish I could sell my car & never drive again. But they’d just find another way to get my money anyway…


Rodney sounds so defeated by “they”, but who is this “they”? The oil companies or capitalism in general?

Lois – And they think the rescission [sic] is over.

“I made sure to mention the recession in a sarcastic tone so it makes it seems like I’m making an astute economic comment, but hopefully no one stops to read this comment again and view it in the light of the topic of high gas prices because then it would be pretty clear my statement made no sense.”

Therese – It is not right that the government we support, and we pay, could be doing something to help, and they are not. I agree a boycott is in need. If the government can threaten to shut down, why can’t we as the people do something about the fuel/oil prices?

So boycott it then…but no, you won’t be able to do anything about the gas prices. Someone told Therese she could do anything she put her mind to, but they were wrong. Now if they meant that in terms of shutting up and making us a sandwich, then they were dead on right. We like the crusts cut off Therese, and we’d hate to make you drive it over to us but…um…drive it over to us. Boycott after that.

Michael – While I’ll admit I don’t fully understand the economy behind gas prices, I am pretty sure that they don’t NEED to be this high. They weren’t this high, or were just as high, in the sh

ortage in ‘79 and I’m almost positive that we’re not undergoing a gas shortage right now.  Greed is slowly becoming as American as Apple Pie, unfortunately.

“Dear Mr. President, there are too many states these days. Please eliminate three.”

via KMOV

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